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Canada is a land of opportunities where you and your family can live and work in a modern and safe surrounding. Nevertheless, the fact of being admitted to live in this country (Canadian Visa for permanent residency) does not necessary mean that an employment and a good job will be waiting for you.

  • Introduction - More 250.000 legal immigrants enter to Canada every year. The vast majority of them face similar problems: culture shock, language barriers and lack of information about to integrate in the Canadian life and job market. Usually newcomers learn through trial and error...

  • CANADA-Guide for Skilled Workers - In our e-book "CANADA - IMMIGRATION & SETTLEMENT- Guide for Skilled Workers", you will know step by step the process and necessary documents to successfully apply for your Permanent Residence in Canada and key information and valuable recommendations about the Canadian labor market.

  • About Us - The first e-book about Immigration to Canada written by a Skilled Worker immigrant residing in Canada, who has lived, analyzed and studied each of the principal steps of the application and immigration process to Canada. Learn more about the author's experience...

  • Why Canada? - Canada offers the best opportunities for many engineers, technicians and skilled workers from all over the world to start a new life. This country receives annually more than 250,000 immigrants from all over the world, with not distinction of nationality, race or religion...

  • Testimonials - "I knew about your guide through the internet. As soon as I saw the index, I decided to buy it. I think the guide is excellent because it explains not only the fundamentals of immigration to Canada, but every single aspect related to the adaptation process in Canada" From LFC Colombia

  • Disclaimer - The information and recommendations contained in our book CANADA - GUIDE for SKILLED WORKERS - IMMIGRATION & SETTLEMENT (Professionals, Engineers and Technical Workers) and our web site must be taken ONLY as a reference...

  • Contact Us - If you have any questions regarding our e-book, immigration to Canada or services, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you...

  • Introduction - More 250.000 legal immigrants enter to Canada every year. The vast majority of them face similar problems: culture shock, language barriers and lack of information about to integrate in the Canadian life and job market. Usually newcomers learn through trial and error...

Immigration to Canada
For the last 20 years or more, Canada has topped the list of the most attractive countries for people from all over the world who wish to relocate themselves in a modern country with a high life standard level.
  • Facts About Canada - Canada is well-known across the world as a developed prosper nation, with a sound social and economical stability and powerful democratic institutions. Canada offers one of the highest life standards in the world. Canada is a synthesis of the best of Europe and the USA.

  • Permanent Resident Visa - In order to live and work in Canada indefinitely, it is necessary to go through a legal process of immigration, consisting on asking the Canadian government a Permanent Resident Visa (Permanent Visa or Landed Immigrant of Canada).

  • Immigration Classes - Applications for immigration to any Canadian province (federal program ) are processed in different classes, every of which demands certain specific requirements.

  • Provincial Nominations - Canadian provinces have especial programs to encourage the arrival of skilled workers and families they need. They select and nominate candidates for immigration visa as the province needs, according to its own requirements.

  • Plan B - Quebec - For many Skilled Workers, especially those who speak French, Spanish or Portuguese and do not speak English fluently, it can be easier to immigrate through the Quebec Provincial Program, than obtaining the visa of immigration through the Canada Federal Program of Immigration.

Skilled Workers Class Skilled Workers are those who have a specific education or training and a sound work experience that allows for a success in a qualified job in Canada. This class of immigration includes professionals, engineers, technicians and technical experts who qualify according to the needs in Canada.
  • Assessment for Skilled Workers - Canada uses a score system to choose those applicants who will be accepted as Skilled Workers. To be eligible, it is necessary a minimal score of 67 points over a maximum of 100, set by the CHIC (Canada Immigration and Citizenship).

  • Totals Cost - Process - The Canadian government doesn’t provide with financial support to these immigrants who apply for a Permanent Resident Visa as skilled Worker. You should prove that you have the funds to travel, settle down, and get by with your family for the first 6 months in Canada.

  • Occupation List - To be considered as a Skilled Worker, the applicant must proof that his / her skill or profession belongs to Skill Type O, Level A or Level B according to the National Occupation Classification List of Canada...

  • Canadian Embassies/Consulates - Find the embassy or consulate in your region where you can ask for assessments, application forms and information related to Immigration to Canada.

Immigration Process If you reach a minimum score of 67 points in the Evaluation with CHIC online or in the Pre-assessment at the Canadian Embassy in your country, and you meet the requirements as Skilled Worker, you can apply for Immigration Visa to Canada.
  • Simplified Application Process - From September 1st 2006 there is a new simplified process by the federal government of Canada to apply for a Permanent Resident Visa for Immigration as Skilled Worker. According to this new process, the applicant must initially send a basic application form and the cancellation receipt of the funds corresponding to their application assessment.

  • Preparing of Documents - The success of your application could depend from your attention to gather, organize and send the correct documents attached. Those should prove every aspect of the required information.

  • Check List - Once you have all the documents and forms required by the CHIC-Canadian Embassy for your application for Immigration visa, sort them out and make a list check-out to make sure they are neatly complete...

  • Interview and Medical Exams - All the family members included in the application form for immigration visa to Canada, will have to undergo a medical examination with a doctor who is authorized by the Canadian embassy.

  • About Consultants - Using a representative isn’t compulsory in your immigration process to Canada, and it makes no difference before the CHIC. The results and the duration of the process will be exactly the same with or without a representative, as the final result is strictly based on the score you achieve. However...

Preparation & Trip Congratulations !!. By this time of the process your family and you will be experiencing a special feeling of happiness, expectation and also of uncertainty regarding your future. in Canada as immigrants. You may be about to give the most important step in your life.
  • Preparation - Plan your trip to emigrate to Canada carefully and in advance enough to be able to choose the most convenient date for your personal situation. Have into account the following general considerations to start your trip in the smoothest way...

  • Arrival - Welcome to Canada - There are two vital points in your immigration trip to Canada: the first one is making the necessary arrangements with a friend or reliable person for the picking up of your family and your baggage from the Canadian airport...

  • Where to live in Canada - Most skilled workers, professionals and qualified technicians, usually live in the three biggest Canadian cities: Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. However, many others feel attracted to medium size cities..

  • Accommodation in Ontario - Counting on somebody to pick you up and help you to establish in the city where you have decided to live is most advisable. It is the best condition to start a new life in Canada. However, this is not the case for most immigrants...

  • Types of Housing - Since finding a suitable housing at a reasonable price is your first concern as immigrant in Canada, your alternative may be renting an apartment or basement with furniture, paid weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. Living for a short while in this sort of apartments will allow for....

First Days in Canada
uring the first days after your arrival in Ontario, the major concern will be finding suitable housing. The following are some activities you should perform on your first days in Canada...
  • Renting Apartment in Ontario - Finding the right apartment - which is, obviously, cheaper than renting a house - can be a bit difficult, and it takes time and patience. The following are the most common ways of seeking for-rent housing..

  • Looking for Information - Information sessions on everyday life in are offered for newcomers. It is advisable to pay attention to these information sessions in...

  • Documents For Newcomers - These are the list of documents that you and every member of your family must get as soon as possible on your arrival in Ontario..

  • Bank Account & Credit Card - Taking into consideration that as a Skilled Worker Immigrant you are required to bring a minimum amount of money, it is necessary to open a bank account as soon as you arrive..

  • Schools & Education in Ontario - Seeking for a school for your children and enrolling them in is one of the first thing to do in your second week after your arrival. In Canada the academic year...

  • Recreation & Sports - The recreation and practice of healthy and educational sport activities should be an important aspect for all the members of the family, specially the children and adolescents in their new life in Canada.

  • Help for Immigrants - There are many organizations or agencies in Ontario, whose mission is to help immigrant families to settle down in the province. You can find information...

Economic Issues & Tips
It's worth highlighting that the cost of housing (renting an apartment) may take between 55-65% from the total monthly budget...

  • Buying Food and Groceries - The Canadian market is open to offer and demand principles. Every store or company sets the price for their products, which includes food...

  • Tips for Saving Money - Avoid buying products at “Convenience Stores”. These small shops products are more costly than in many supermarket, especially in those that are “open 24/7” and the ones in gas stations.

  • Salaries in Ontario - In Ontario, the minimum wage is set by the government, based on the hourly rates paid to workers. Following is the list with wages and salaries in some professions and crafts in Ontario...

  • Cars: Cost and Insurance - The following is an estimate of the amount you would expend yearly in Ontario, based on the cost of a new car...

  • Ontario - Social Benefits - As immigrant with permanent resident visa, you and your family have the right to receive important help and protection from the Canadian government.

  • About Insurances & Taxes - Insurance companies, banks and financial institutions know very well the fear of many immigrants who arrive to Canada. They sell the product which....

Working in Canada
Finding a good job in Canada will be the basis for your and your family welfare. Your life style will depend to a great extend of the quality of the job you may get...
  • Types of Jobs in Canada - HOW DIFFICULT WILL IT BE TO GET A JOB IN CANADA? It will depend on the type of job you are looking for. Finding a low income job (in non qualified activity) is quite easy...

  • Barrier for Immigrants - According to surveys and research studies among Canadian employers and newcomers, there are several problems immigrants must face to enter the job market...

  • Increasing the Possibilities - As skilled worker immigrating to Canada, you must assess your main transferable skills, essential to find a job position in Canada. You may find out that you need special training, or....

  • Academic Credential Assessment - Professionals and skilled workers need an assessment of the level and content of their studies in their countries of origin, in most cases. Thus, they can be recognized and homologated in Canada.

  • Resumes - A RESUME is the basic necessary tool in a job search and its analysis deserves all the extra time you might require to learn to write it correctly...

  • Cover Letters - In Canada every time a resume is sent, it is attached to a cover letter, with the aim to introduce yourself to the possible employer, show him /her your personal interest for...

  • Interviews - Preparation - The interview is the most important step in your job search process and in order to have good chances, you must train yourself as best as possible...

Looking for Job in Canada If you want to be successful in your immigration project to Canada and get a better future for your family, YOU MUST know the challenges, difficulties and opportunities you will find on your way...
  • Plan - Before Come to Canada - If you choose the uncertain path of coming without plan or research on those related subjects, get ready for the worst of circumstances ...and you must start your preparation before to co to Canada..

  • Plan in Canada - You must have a specific plan of activities to develop in Canada, focused on the achievement of your goal, and perform every necessary activities...

  • Job Search / Methods in Canada - Being a newcomer, it is just logical feeling as the last in the queue. The good  news are that you can also get trained and learn the necessary techniques in job search...

  • Cold Calls - A very common technique, highly recommended to look for a job in the hidden job market in Canada is to analyze companies which, due to their characteristics, may employ workers like you..

  • Classified in Newspaper - Looking for opportunities to find a job in the newspapers and classifieds is always  a good resource...

  • Recruitments and Headhunters - There are many important employment and recruitment companies in Ontario. Many of them have specialized areas in skilled workers job searches in specific fields, such as Engineering, Communications, Computing...

  • Important Companies in Canada - Figure out the name and city of more 60 important companies in Canada. You could send your resume to some of them...

  • About Jobs in Internet - There are a lot of advertisements in Internet, newspapers, magazines and other forms of advertising offering a wide variety of “WORKS AT HOME VIA INTERNET”. They offer you business opportunities and stable work with good and attractive salaries. However...

Maps & Transportation To start your normal life in any city in Canada, one of the first thing to do is to get familiar with maps of the province, city and the area where you live. Maps are indispensable to find addresses in this country...
  • Public Transportation in Toronto - All the main cities in Ontario have public transportation services by bus, streetcars or train. There are also some trains connecting cities, or different points within the same city. The TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) is the only company encharged to offers public transportation services.

  • Around Toronto - Municipalities - The city of Toronto is surrounded by the following regions: Halton and Peel to the west, York to the north and Durham to the east. All this area is known as the Greater Toronto area (GTA).

  • Public Transportation in Ontario - Buses, trains and airlines link most cities in Ontario. A travel agent can provide free expert trip planning services on most forms of transportation.

  • Your Own Map - Using Google - You can use (tab maps) to reach any address in Canada and USA. These tools are very useful especially for new immigrants in Canada, who are not accustomed to the regions, roads or addresses...

  • Your Own Map - Using Mapquest - You can use to reach any address in Canada and USA. These tools are very useful especially for new immigrants in Canada, who are not accustomed to the regions, roads or addresses...

  • Renting a Car - As immigrant in Canada, you probably need to rent a car in Canada to move around, before to buy a new one...

Driving in Ontario The Driver’s License is a very important identification document in Canada and which is most commonly used to prove your identity (ID). As immigrant, you must have your driving license soon...
  • License Class G-1 - Driving license class G-1 which is obtained by approving an exam of basic knowledge on regulations and transit signals..

  • License Class G-2 - Driving license Class G-2 is obtained approving a basic driving exam on the road (road test)...

  • License Class G - Driving license Class G or Full License is obtained approving a complete driving exam in road and highway..

  • Guide to Buy a Car in Canada - In Canada it is necessary to have a reliable and safe car, and probably each new immigrant needs one so in the near future...

  • Cars - Economic Issues - You will find an estimate of how much you will have to expend per year in a new or recent model car in Ontario...

  • Cars - General Recommendations - With common sense and making some careful observations to specific points of the car you want to buy, you will probably find the car you need..

  • Buying Used Cars in Ontario - If you decide to buy a used car, look for a brand and model of known quality, with a maximum of 200.000 km, 4 to 6 years old and with recent certification and emission test approved...

  • Driving in the Canadian Winters - Use the right “winter tires”, especially if you live in an area where the roads are covered with snow in winter. Even thought many Canadian drivers use "all-season" tires...

  • About Car Insurances - Many drivers, specially new immigrants, could pay $100’s, even $1000’s of dollars annually more than necessary for their car insurance. Perhaps many people believe that if they are paying more, they are getting more. But, this is not true All insurance companies sell the exact insurance policy, word per word. It’s like buy a can of coke at the variety store for $1 or pay $5 for it at a sport event. Same pop, same different price. Same insurance policy, different price...

Main Links & Websites
The Good, the Bad & the Ugly things in Canada You will find many internet sites with descriptions of the natural beauty of Canada, its richness, its standard of life, its economy, its political stability, etc. Canadian government websites and of many other organizations show lots of good and positive things about the country. BUT THEY ONLY SHOW THE POSITIVE THINGS. What about the unpleasant things that for sure are waiting for you in Canada?
  • The Good Things in Canada - Canada is one of the countries with crime and delinquency lower rate in the world. Here you can live knowing that you and your family shall not be robbed or abused by criminals..

  • The "Ugly" Things in Canada - You will hardly find objective information, showing also the ugly things that immigrants have to face when they arrive to this country...

  • The "Bad" Things in Canada - You will hardly find objective information, showing also the bad  things that immigrants have to face when they arrive to this country...

  • The 21 Most Common Mistakes - Usually newcomers learn through trial and error and by talking to follow other immigrants who have been in Canada longer...

  • 13 Myths/Realities About Canada - Moving to Canada to begin a new life, is perhaps, one of the most important decisions to take in your life. This decision must be evaluated very carefully, taking into account all the available information and REAL judgment elements (not myths, supposed thoughts or wrong stereotypes...)

  • Is It Worth Coming to Canada? - In some cases it is easy to make the decision and take the opportunities offered by Canada....On the other hand, there are also cases in which it is NOT advisable to leave all and move to Canada to start from the beginning...

  • CONTACT US - We are committed to doing our best to exceed your expectations! If you have any questions or comments, regarding our e-book services, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

  • SITE MAP - We have divided our site map into categories in order to make it possible for our website visitors to navigate through our pages easily. This will also allow for expansion as our site grows and we continue to add more resources

  • Link To Us - An important factor in page rank for any website with the major search engines is link popularity. We offer link exchange with related sites to Immigration to Canada, Canadian Visa, etc.

ESPAÑOL (Spanish)

CANADA GUÍA PARA INMIGRANTES Profesionales, Ingenieros y Técnicos Calificados - (Skilled Workers)

  • Home - Si Usted es Ingeniero, profesional o técnico calificado, tiene mínimo un aňo de experiencia, nivel de ingles o francés medio, no tiene antecedentes de policía y puede demostrar tener recursos económicos para sostenerse con su familia seis meses en Canadá, existen altas posibilidades de que el Gobierno Federal le otorgue la visa de Residente Permanente, que le permitirá trabajar y vivir con su familia en este país indefinidamente.

  • Proceso de Inmigracion - Con el fin de emigrar, vivir y trabajar en Canadá indefinidamente, se debe realizar un proceso legal de inmigración, el cual consiste en solicitar Visa de Residencia Permanente (Permanent Resident visa or Landed Immigrant of Canadá) al gobierno federal canadiense CIC(CITIZENSHIP & IMMIGRATION CANADA).

  • Conozca YA si Ud. Califica! Usted puede conocer el puntaje con contaría ahora mismo, si hiciera una solicitud de Visa como Skilled Worker (Profesionales, Técnico y trabajadores calificados) para poder vivir en Canadá, de acuerdo con el sistema federal de inmigración, haciendo una EVALUACION ON LINE (assessesment) en el website del CIC (CITIZENSHIP & IMMIGRATION CANADA).

  • Canada - Guia para Inmigrantes (Version in Spanish) - Nuestra e-book Canada - Guia para Inmigrantes en Español cubre la informacion completa de este wbsite y todos y cada uno de los 26 capitulos de la guia en Ingles.- Guide for Skilled Workers - Immigration & Settlement. Tiene ademas informacion adicional especifica para mejorar las posibilidades de inmigracion si Usted habla Español o Portugues.

  • PLAN B - Quebec - La provincia de Québec, tiene un programa propio para seleccionar los trabajadores calificados y profesionales que quieran vivir en ella. Es especialmente recomendable para familias numerosas y jovenes (ojalá menores de 35 años), que hablen Español, Frances o Portugues.

  • Testimonios - Lea algunos de lo que dicen algunos de nuestros clientes, sepa como los ha ayudado a ahorrar dinero, a prepararsen mejor para la busqueda de trabajo, en su adaptacion, etc.

  • Acerca del Autor - Para conocer sobre el autor de esta Guia de Inmigracion a Canada, su historia y algunos otros aspectos personales...

  • CONTACTENOS EN ESPAÑOL - Escribanos si tiene alguna inquietud, pregunta o necesita alguna consulta especifica  en su proyecto de inmigracion. Esperamos saber de Usted.



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