G-2 License is obtained approving a  driving exam (road test).  With this license  you will be granted some privileges like driving without company in any road of Canada, including the high speed highways. Nevertheless, you will have the following restrictions:


Maintain “0” level of alcohol in blood while driving.

The number of passengers shall be limited to the number of safety seat belts.



In Canada, ONLY when you approve driving road test G-1 and obtain license G-2 or G, you will be able to drive alone in your car. In other words, if you are thinking of buying and driving your own car, before you must:


h Approve the road exam offered by the Ministry of Transportation and obtain in the first place the license class G, or in case of lose it.


h Approve the knowledge test to obtain G-1 and then take and approve the road test to obtain license G-2


In this last case, you would have to wait several months for an exams date; time varies according to the delay in the Ministry and Drive Test departments.



 Cost of the exam is $ 40 (Jul-2006)




In the driving exam to obtain license G-2 you will be evaluated for your capacity of applying driving rules in the road, and the way in which you apply safety rules while driving.   In this first exam a Driver examiner shall ask you to follow basic driving proceedings. Take into account the following basic recommendations for this exam:


hMaintain yourself constantly looking around and alert to see and prevent other persons and cars actions.


hLook at your mirrors constantly (each 5 seconds average) and always turn you head over your shoulders to control blind points before changing lane or turn at a corner (right and left turns) Blind points are those behind you and at both sides that you can not see directly or through the mirrors while you are driving.


hBe conscious that you have to share the road with other drivers and persons. Each one has different needs, for example, buses need to stop and take the lane constantly.  Big trucks need to draw big curves to turn on the corners and also need much distance to stop. Cyclists need longer distances, especially in narrow roads.


hThe driving test is taken based in the Ontario Transit Rules, and you can prepare yourself studying the Driver’s Handbook ( or you can also be helped by a Canadian certified instructor’s.




As a general guide for the reader so he may previously know the exam type to obtain driver license G-2, most important points of the test are: It is recommendable to practice carefully each aspect and remember the advices, in order to approve the test.


hTurns and Intersections: Practice the lights of direction, getting near (look in all directions and stop if required) and the action of turning (distance, road lines, speed). Remember that in the corners, traffic and walkers move in different directions. Know the different types of intersections and the meaning of transit signs and signals.


hRight of way Practice the right of way rules in intersections and when changing lanes. Stop when it is required (walking cross, when there is a stop signal or in an intersection) and Go when you must go (for example: when you have green light, if you stop,  you would stop the traffic, or in the intersections with yellow light).


hLane Changes Practice the correct signals with directional lights, look the mirrors, turn your head over your shoulders to see blind points and choose the right speed to change lanes, maintain the correct speed according to the lane. It is important to car and moto drivers to know and avoid blind points for other vehicle.


hU Turn and three point turns. Know when a U turn is appropriate or it is necessary to make a three point turn (turn - reverse - turn) Practice these proceedings, paying constant attention to other vehicles, cyclists and persons. 


hSpacing and speed control.  You must always drive at the speed indicated for each lane. Practice driving at the speed indicated and maintain a safety space with the vehicle in front (at least 3 seconds).


hParking and backing up. Practice parking in a marked parking space, in a street, and between two vehicles (parallel parking). Practice backing up proceedings turning in both directions.  Be careful with the space you leave when you park your car. Observe carefully around you, for the sake of other cars and persons security.


hOne way streets

Practice controlled braking before braking, look the mirror to be sure that there is no car near behind you. In a curve, brake to decrease speed before the curve, not in the curve itself, brake carefully and taking enough distance from other cars and persons. In a stop, distance between you and the car in front of you must be between 2 and 4 meters. For larger vehicles, the distance has to be longer. You must take care of being within the other driver’s mirror range.


hOvertaking and passing. Verify that there are no vehicles in the contrary lane, when it is safe, accelerate and pass, living enough distance between the cars before returning to your lane.


NOTE: License G-2 is valid for a maximum period of 5 years. Before expiration, driver has to obtain license class G. In case you fail this last test, you will have to take the road test G-1 again





Go to the test area and see how other people take the exam. If the area is familiar to you and you know how the exam shall be, you will be less anxious the day of the test, and that shall increase your possibilities of success. Observe the proceedings done by the persons taking the exam from the very beginning.


●  If it possible, prepare for the road exam practicing with an instructor or a friend living in the area where you will be taking the exam. Thus, you may know in advance signal types, speed limits, lights, obstacles etc. Lot of people practice this way, especially on the week end prior to the exam.


Arrive early the day of the test. If it is possible, go around the area before de test.


If the weather conditions are bad for rain or snow, ask the test to be delayed for other day with normal weather conditions.


Maintain constant attention on the mirrors and in all directions Exaggerate your precautions is better than fail in the exam.




I will tell you my first bad experience in taking the road test to obtain G-2. After hiring and paying several hours during several days of driving practice in Toronto with an "instructor” from Ecuador (whose name I don't even want to remember), I hire his car to take the test. The day of the test, everything looked normal; I was waiting with optimism to approve my test. When the time came, the examiner gave me the instructions and I started the test going back from the parking lot and taking the road to go out to the normal transit. When I needed to make the first stop, I released the brake to step on the accelerator again (?), then the brake bumps and sounded bad. The examiner (an Afro-American women) felt the bump and said to me "Why do you slam? I have been only a few months in Canada, and without knowing what was happening, I got very nervous, and I didn’t know how to explain that I didn’t know what was happening. Test continued and sound too.  To maintain the speed constant within the speed limit in each road it is necessary to accelerate-brake-accelerate, I couldn't stop making such a noise.


Finally, she REJECTED me, for “persistent slam” arguing that I couldn't control brake and accelerator of the car. Disappointed by my failure, I told the “instructor” and he only replied to me that is “was normal” to fail the test the first time, that I needed more practice. He told me to ask for another test date and to pay more instruction hours to him.  That day I didn’t realized what had happened. After several days, I realized that the car in which I made the practices was not the same as the car given to me the day of the test. Driving Academies cars are "adapted" with other brake at the right, where the instructor usually goes. So they can stop the car if they see any danger or action not well done by the driver who is learning. What I deducted was that the extra brake was not well installed by the mechanic friend of the instructor, and so the brake made a strong noise each time the brake was released. (That noise can only be made by the brake of a car modified by driving schools).  They use that car to make naive clients fail the test so they have to hire more practice hours and pay again the rental of a car to take a new exam.


For the following practice hours, I made clear to the “instructor” that I would only hire his services if we used for the practices the car I used before (which did not have that defect) and only if I could use the same car the day of my test. I felt in that tramp and I have to expend around $ 350 more and wait 4 months to take the test again.




 When you are going to take the road exam G-2, ask your friends or relatives to recommend you an honest and qualified instructor. Besides, be sure that the car that you will hire for the practices are free of defects and that it will be the same that shall rent to you the day of the exam.



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