It is the first level of license which is obtained approving the following tests:


1.   Exam about the knowledge of the driving regulations and transit signals used in Canada.

2.    Approve vision exam.


The exam on the knowledge of the regulation and transit signals has around 60 to 80 multiple choice questions and it is done in a PC. This a relative easy exam for a person who has experience driving a car and has read about the regulations and transit signals in Ontario. You must answer correctly around 80 % of the questions to obtain the Drivers License G-1.


In the vision exam which is taken in a machine in front of the Bureau Office, you may use the glasses your normally use in order to have complete vision. In that case, a note in your license shall indicate that you have to use it.




You must prepare and study for this exam (driving test –G1) before coming to Canada. You can read the official book on transit regulations and signals (Driver’s Handbook) in the following link:


In that website you may study and prepare on-line and you may also know and practice the test that you will have to take on regulations, symbols and interpretation of the rules and transit signals.


To see the knowledge test and practice the questions, use the following link:


If you approve the knowledge and vision exams, you will be taken a photo, and you will receive an acknowledgement that you have acquired Driving License G-1. The document shall arrive at your address around two weeks later.




Maintain “0” level of alcohol in blood while driving.

Can drive only with another person with license G (full license), with at least 4 years of driving experience and with less than 0.05 % of alcohol in blood, just in case he has to drive in case of emergency.

The driver as be alone in the car with the person with license G in the front seat of the vehicle.

The number of passengers shall be limited to the number of safety seat belts.

He could not drive in highways, “400 series” highways or expressways as Queen Elizabeth Way, Don Valley Parkway, Gardiner Expressway, E.C. Row Expressway and Conestoga Parkway.

He cannot drive between midnight and 5:00 a.m.


NOTE: If you are with an Ontario certified instructor, you may drive in any road, including highways.




$ 125 – G1 License – (Jul 2006)

The cost includes knowledge test in a computer, road test, and 5 years license.




To apply for the first time for the license in Ontario or Canada, you must prove your legal name, date of birth (day, month, and year) and your signature.  You must present some of the following documents:

Passport (Canadian or from your country)

● Permanent Resident Card o Confirmation of Permanent Residence.

● Immigration Temporary Document (Employment Authorization (IMM 1442), Refugee Status Claim (IMM 1434), Temporary Resident's Permit (IMM1442) or another)


If the temporary document does not indicate legal name, birth date or signature, another document may be necessary. You must also have an address to receive the document by mail.



When you apply in Canada for the Drive’s License for the first time, as immigrant, you will be asked “how long is your experience driving".


It is utterly important to answer that question with the larger possible quantity of years, since that driving experience shall be registered in your history and may be important at the moment of buying insurance for your car.  Car insurance is expensive in Ontario for immigrants (it is obligatory to drive in Canada) (see section 18.8). If you have a large driving experience there shall be more possibilities of finding a better price for the initial costs of the insurance in Canadian insurance companies, which will save you lots of money through the years. 


With this purpose, it is advisable to bring any document which may support your driving experience, as certificates (translated into English) issued by insurance company or transit department in your country of origin




There are several locations of the Ministry of Transportation where you can take the knowledge and vision tests and obtain your license G-1. The following is the Ministry of Transportation office in Toronto, where you can take the test in several languages:


Queen's Park (Toronto) Driver and Vehicle License Issuing Office
(MacDonald Block, Room M1-21 900, Bay Street/77 Wellesley Street West)


To see more places in Ontario to take the exam and apply for the driver’s license consult the following address:


DRIVE TEST-Driver Examination Centres


NOTE: Not all the offices offer to take the exam in languages  differet to English. If you want to do it in your own language, you have to take it only in Queen’s Park (Toronto) or in the following locations within the Metropolitan Area of Toronto:




(905) 793-4340

59 First Gulf Blvd, Unit #9
Brampton, ON L6W 4P9



Mon-Sat 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.



Metro East


(416) 757-2589

Victoria Terrace Plaza
1448 Lawrence Ave E., Unit 15
North York, ON M4A 2V6



Mon-Sat 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.



You will also find the test in English or other language in the following Ontario Cities:






• Espanola


• Kenora


• St. Catherins


Other subjects related to vehicles and drivers licenses may be consulted at the Ministry or Transportation. You may also visit some of the following offices in Ontario:


Downsview (2680 Keele St., Building A)

Hamilton (Red Hill Creek Center, 2255 Barton Street East)

Kingston (1355 John Counter Boulevard)

London (659 Exeter Road)

North Bay (447 McKeown Avenue, Suite 301)

Ottawa (3091 Albion Road, Unit 2)

Queen's Park Driver and Vehicle License Issuing Office.
(MacDonald Block, Room M1-21 900, Bay Street/77 Wellesley Street West)



According with the Ministry, the new drivers of passengers vehicles with G-1 must wait a year to apply for the road test and obtain license G-2. This time may be shortening to 8 months if you take and approve a driving course approved by the Ministry of Transportation.


Use the following link to look for a school to take the driving course approved in Ontario:

 Ministry-Approved Beginner Driver Education Courses


NOTE: When you have license G.1, you must take the road test for license G-2 before due date. If your license G-1 expires before having the G-2, you must take the knowledge exam again to obtain G-1.


IMPORTANT: When you apply for the first time for the driver’s license it is important to certify the longest possible time of driving experience. Besides finding a better initial price for the insurance, you will also have the possibility of asking for the road test G-2. If you approve this exam (you will only have one chance), you will obtain your license G. If you achieve it, the economic and personal benefit would be huge, since you shall start driving your car with a class G license, and you will save around  $ 1000 per year and $ 5000 in 5 years compared with the insurance you would have to pay with a drivers license class G-2




To succeed in approving the SOLE chance that you will be given by the Ministry of Transportation, the recommended action is to hire some driving lessons with an Ontario certified instructor, with experience in this type of tests. Experience has shown that with at least 4 or 6 hours of driving practice with a good driving instructor, you will have high chances of approving the road test and obtain the license class G. If you achieve it, would be your first great success in Canada.



NOTE: If you want to contact a driving instructor in Ontario who will prepare you for driving in highways for this test, CONTACT US by e-mail and we will recommend you one with experience in this test. This instructor may guide and prepare you at the site where your test shall be taken, may rent to you the car you have been using in the practices, and drive you to the place of the exam.





As in other important situations, you must be mentally prepared for failure. It is rather usual that immigrants fail driving test the first times. The stress and anxiety together with the difficulties to understand a different language lead us to make many mistakes in these tests. The average times that Ontario drivers needed to take test in order to approve it, between 2002 - 2004, was around 2.5 times. For that reason, it is important to study and practice the best that you can.




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