It shall depend on the price you will have to pay compared with what you will receive in the future. In simple terms, it shall depend on the result of making a real personal evaluation of the cost-benefit relationship. This means to know the real price you will be paying when you take the decision of moving to Canada, since the important results shall be seen in the medium and long terms.


What you will have to pay when you decide to leave your country and start a new life in Canada or other country, it is not material, but mainly the emotional price of leaving most of your affections behind for an indefinite period of time (perhaps forever). These affections are mainly your family, your friends and your surroundings of a life (neighbourhood, city, country, work, language etc.)


In some cases, it also implies to leave your professional career behind to start a new occupation. It is very frequent in Canada to start a new working career, even after 40, especially if it is difficult to practice yours. In other cases, people find other activities of more interest, economically better rewarded or simply more gratifying.


In some cases it is easy to make the decision and take the opportunities offered by Canada.  If you are in a regular or bad economic or professional position in your country, if you have knowledge of English or French, if you have children and you think that you will positively handle the situation of leaving far from the rest of your family and friends. It is easy to make the decision when the cost is not very high, or when you don’t have much to loose, and in exchange you can improve your economic situation and the welfare of your family.


Getting a good job in a good technical or professional position in Canada shall depend on many factors, but specially on the personal preparation, and attitude you have  as a person (plus a little bit of luck). Any immigrant can evaluate by himself how competent and successful he has been from the working and professional point of view in his own country. These personal abilities which make him competent and successful shall be the base to sell his working image and experience in Canada.  If you are confident that you have a good education in your career, professional abilities, personal confidence in what you do, organization capacity, method and disposition to sacrifice in order to get your goals, and besides you have an acceptable or good level of English, your future in Canada will surely be successful and you will easily adapted. In few words, if you have been competent in your job in your country, you probably will be competent in Canada.


It is also frequent to see immigrant families in which the parents (bad English, bad education or with careers which cannot be successfully exercised in Canada) survive in a bad job with low salary during the necessary time (three or four years) with the purpose of getting the "Canadian Citizen" status and passport for their children, Then, they return to their countries, where they have relatives and friends who could help them recover their social and professional stability, which they could not obtain in Canada, but with the “partially” obtained goal of having secured their children’s future entrance and legality in Canada.  


On the other hand, there are also cases in which it is NOT advisable to leave all and move to Canada to start from the beginning. There are cases in which people is not very convinced of taking this decision, and it is hard for them to leave a good and comfortable economic, social and family position. Neither when the applicant has a poor level of English, has not technical or professional abilities useful in the Canadian working market, in some professions (PhDs, lawyers, dentists) and  in general, the possibilities offered in Canada are not so attractive. In those cases, it could be a mistake to start from 0, after having acquired a status, when you will have to start in another occupation to earn your living. Many people which have come in that circumstances decide to return to their countries after a period of time (if they can) where they know that they are socially and professional taken into account.


For example, a family in which the husband is a surgeon and the wife is a dentist, with one or more children. In their country of origin the surgeon works in a Hospital and attends particular patients. She has her own dental consult with her own patients. A relative helps with the children care and besides they have an employee for the domestic service.  In Canada, the studies and degrees of this couple shall not be recognized. Although in theory there is a possibility for health professionals to be recognized by Canadian academic authorities, the probabilities are minimum, less than 5% indeed, for foreign doctors and dentists to approve the exams and courses necessary to be authorized to exercised their professions in Canada.  For many of them, which have left a comfortable social and professional life in their countries, to come to Canada to be "nobody" it could be a "nightmare", a wrong calculated project. In these and other similar cases, IT IS NOT ADVISABLE, to come to Canada.


NOTE: In the case of health professionals (doctors, dentists, nurses etc) the most advisable is to come to Canada and begin studies again. In some cases, they will have to approve some exams, get authorizations and return to the University for a while, to get licenses and professional acknowledgement in Canada. This way, although it is a little bit long, it is the most suitable to exercise this type of careers.




There are some cases in which the main problems for a Skilled Worker are not his preparation, nor his level of English, or the real desire to start again. The main problem is the lack of a relative or friend in Canada to receive him at the airport, to help him during the first days with the search of a home, to guide him in the search of a job, and to inform him about the basic subjects to start living in Canada.  If this is your case, WE CAN HELP YOU, in your establishment in the Ontario Province. Contact us and we will find you someone to help you in finding the most economic and reliable solution to the problem of your first home in Toronto, to pick you up at the airport and help you in the initial installation procedures.



The following are the aspects that an immigrant usually leaves behind:


Your family (father, mother, brothers and sisters, uncles, cousins, nephews etc)

  Your school, university and work friends

  Your neighbors

  Your work colleagues and friends

  Cultural and recreation environment that you have had during your life.

  Social Position

  Professional status

Your economic welfare as a professional in your country.

  Your quiet and stimulating life


The immigration of professionals and workers from developing countries to others like Canada or USA takes place with the general objective of looking of a better future, with more opportunities, especially for the children and the future generations. The cost pay for this possibility is to loose affections, family roots and to sacrifice a possible comfortable position of the generation taking this decision.


Each person and each case are different. The education and social levels and the life expectations of each individual are very different. For that reason, IT CANNOT BE CONSIDERED IN GENERAL that leaving your country to live in a foreign one shall be a right or wrong decision for everybody.





-          If you are older than 49, you have a stable job in the city you like, you have children older than 18 and independent (in case of coming, they will not be allowed in your visa application).

-          IF YOU ARE HAPPY WITH YOUR SYSTEM OF LIFE in your country and you like being among the ones you love.

-          If you and your family have a high social, professional or economic position in your country and your safety is not in danger.

-          If you are in a good economic condition and you have and enjoy a big and united family.

-          If your job is stable and you usually have professional positions of control with many people at your command.

-          If you are not a tolerant good character person, or with great capacity for sacrifice.

-          If you have domestic service personnel for you and your family (chauffer, cook, maid etc). In Canada you will surely have to do many of these jobs by yourself.

-          If social activities are very important for you or your family (social or sports club, social parties etc) and you use to have them in your country.

-          If you do not have a good English level. (at least until you get it)

-          If you are older of 49 and you are not technical and professional updated, or you don’t have an ability or experience of use at the Canadian working market.

-          If you have one or more academic degrees, but you don’t have knowledge or specific working experience in an specific field to work in Canada (a sea of knowledge with a millimeter of depth).

-          If you don’t have enough information about the immigration process or YOU DON’T HAVE A PLAN to come to Canada.






-        If you are young (younger than 35), are married and have or want to have  a family and kids.

-          If your professional work is not satisfactory or you are underemployed.

-        If you have a good level of English and you like the American way of living.

-         If you have nothing to loose.

-      If you are not comfortable with the social or economic situation in your country or your safety is in danger.


Moving with your family from your native country to begin a new life in Canada, is perhaps, one of the most important decisions to take in your life. This decision must be evaluated very carefully, taking into account all the available information and REAL judgment elements (not myths, supposed thoughts or wrong stereotypes)  

NOTE:  Our comments are based on the experience and results obtained for other skilled workers and they are aimed to inform you about the life in Canada for the very point of view of an immigrant. This information and our opinions have to be taken only as a reference and we shall not take any responsibility for the results obtained in your personal case. 




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