Moving with your family from your native country to begin a new life in Canada, is perhaps, one of the most important decisions to take in your life. This decision must be evaluated very carefully, taking into account all the available information and REAL judgment elements (not myths, supposed thoughts or wrong stereotypes)  

 Our purpose in this website is to show you information and vision from different angles of the immigration process in Canada for Professionals and Skilled Workers.

NOTE:  Our comments are based on the experience and results obtained for other skilled workers and they are aimed to inform you about the life in Canada for the very point of view of an immigrant. This information and our opinions have to be taken only as a reference and we shall not take any responsibility for the results obtained in your personal case. 






-         LEGALITY


In today’s world there are very little possibilities for a professional or worker from a third world country to establish and LEGALLY live, with permanent resident visa, in a developed country. Only Canada, Australia and New Zealand openly offer this possibility, through organized immigration programs.



-         STILLNESS


Canada is one of the countries with crime and delinquency lower rate in the world. Here you can live knowing that you and your family shall not be robbed or abused by criminals, while this kind of episodes is common in most cities of the world. People and property respect is rule number one for Canadians, thus everybody live in a safely and quiet environment.


Dialing #911 all over the country, you will receive immediate attention in case of emergency from police, medical emergency, ambulance, accidents or any other help needed in critical cases.


-         ECONOMY


Due to its strategic position, near USA and its close relationship with Commonwealth countries (England, Australia etc) Canada has a position that let it maintain its solid economy. Besides, due to Canadian natural resources and industrialized agriculture, the country has been an important food supplier for many countries in the world. 




Few countries in the world support their citizens when they need it as Canada. Even in critical illnesses cases or unemployment, Canada will always help every family to have basic elements, through the state or private organizations. Food, home, clothes, education.


 The following are some of the social protection programs for Canadian residents:

● Monthly allowance for each child under 18.

● Unemployment insurance

●  Economic help for people older than 65 with low income.

● Economic help for families with low income or

● Economic help for ill people



-         NATURE


Canada is a country with a great variety of fauna and flora, with many lakes and national parks. From spring to fall, Canadians all over the country enjoy nature with many outdoors activities: Camping, fishing, jogging, sailing, sports, etc, or simply by visiting towns and regions. During the winter, recreational activities in the snow as sky, skating, hockey etc are very popular.


The air is always fresh and clean due to the abundance of trees and green zones in all Canadian cities,  A good example to illustrate this point is the huge quantity of fruits (apples, pears etc) in the trees or falling by the end of the summer and rest in gardens, parks, roads, ways and green public zones in all Canadian provinces.


In all Canadian cities, even in the larger ones, is very common to find in gardens and green zones, wild animals adapted to city life which live together with Canadians, like squirrels, raccoons, skunks, weasels and Canadian ducks etc. Near the cities and in the highways transit signals alerting drivers of the presence of deer, stags, caribou, reindeer etc. are very frequent.




Canada shall need thousands of skilled workers in the next 10 years, mainly for two reasons: First for the solid and growing economy and second, because of the large portion of the citizens are retiring at 65 and there are not young people to replace them at working market.

Besides, there is no age discrimination (by law, nobody shall ask you your age nor you will have to write it down). So every person younger than 65 has the same opportunities.





Primary (1 to 6 grades) and secondary (7 to 12 grades) education are obligatory and free for all the children in Canada. More than 90% of the school population goes to the public school system, and quality level is controlled every year through official exams. This guarantees that all the students in Canada have the same education and opportunities level, no matter their economic, social or cultural level.


Many times, young immigrant children, educated in the Canadian system, with merely one or two years of College education, get easily good jobs with good salaries (even better than most of the immigrant professionals).  As we have repeated several times in this book, the key to get a job with a decent salary in Canada is to have a good level of English, and a Canadian degree, certificate or license. Immigrant children shall get these with no difficulty. 


For those who study a professional career in a Canadian University, future shall be even shiner, since in many professions they will not have to compete with professional immigrants (doctors, dentists, lawyers, professors etc).


Besides, the second generation of immigrants (children of the first immigrant) may have another advantage in their academic or professional formation, even over many Canadian. They will speak English or French and they will be able to speak their native language (Spanish), which will be very useful, especially to get jobs in a multinational company or in the government.





Due to its geographic position, Canada has four seasons well delimited, so Canadians are in changing constantly of activities, uses, clothes, sports, food etc.  This climatic variety, allows children, for example to diversify sports and physical, sports and cultural activities.




Canada is one of the countries in the world with highest standard of live, higher than USA and many European countries. Per capita annual income is over $38.000 dollars.




Canada is a nation built by immigrant families from all over the world, so it is very common to receive and integrate new immigrants. Respect for uses and peoples freedom is a fundamental rule of the Canadian society. With the Permanent Resident Visa, the immigrant acquires the same rights than other Canadian citizens (except voting).





In many countries, with skilled labour force of young people, older people have many troubles to find work because of the age. In Canada, there is no age discrimination, and the government has rules to protect older people. Which is important to get a job is to be qualified to do it well, no matter the age, sex or religion, etc.




In Canada there are good job possibilities for all, including immigrants, and persons born in the country. Nevertheless, those who have Canadian education and perfectly speak English and French will naturally have better opportunities to get a job, in private companies or in the government.



After three years of residence, the immigrant may apply for the citizenship and the Canadian passport. With this passport you will be able to enter and exit without a visitor visa many countries in the world, including USA and European Union Countries.  Canadians are welcomed in most parts of the world and they are known for their impartial, pacific and humanitarian character.

With Canadian passport you will also be allowed to work in other countries as USA, England and Australia, with which Canadian government has especial agreements.



-         FOODS


Food in Canada is cheap and of good quality. There is a great variety of products of the country (fruits, cereals, beef, milk) but it is also common to find the best products of many countries of the world at good prices in supermarkets all over the country.


More over, there is a recommendation from the Health Ministry to the immigrants to control their diet and health especially during the first months in Canada to avoid gaining weight (very frequent especially in women) consuming new products that are easy to find and cheap in Canada. Another reason for this situation is the lack of outdoor exercise during the winter and cold season (end of fall until spring).


In general cost of food and related products is low in Canada. A Canadian family of 4 (2 adults and 2 kids) with average income expends less than 10 % of their total annual income in food. In many countries, this average is between 20 % and 35 %, depending on the income per capita of the country.





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