In Canada and USA the use of Internet is rather accessible for the population, given that its relative low cost. Probably you will need to have your own PC with Internet at home, especially when you are looking for a job, communicating via emails and using other related information.


There are a lot of advertisements in Internet, newspapers, magazines and other forms of advertising offering a wide variety of “WORKS AT HOME VIA INTERNET”. They offer you business opportunities and stable work with good and attractive salaries. Even though some of them sell “secrets to become a millionaire” in short time. The most common ads offer work in the following occupations:


-          Filling surveys about massive consuming products.

-          Packing and sending printed advertisements.

-          Selling make-up, beauty products, etc.

-          Assembling products like toys, crafts, etc.

-          Offering “secrets” to make fortunes in Internet.

-          Giving access to lists of “thousands of employers” who need staff and works

-          Sending mailing and faxes


We really know that the new immigrants are a vulnerable group of people and run a high risk of being cheated by this kind of “company” and Internet sites. Part of our job is to guide our readers in the economy and care of their money, and we have done a study of many sites, and as a result we have found the following aspects to be highlighted:


-          More or less words, all of them say the same: ” they were going to help me make a lot of money without having any experience",

-          Many of the “opportunities” offer access or subscription to work data bases online, where companies and persons are supposed to offer work all the time in exchange for a sum of money that should be paid to be member

-         More than 90% of these sites charge for the registration and are a complete fraud. They charge a small sum of money for information with little or non value. The clients do not lose much money ($10-$40) but there are thousands of innocent people who send money, and the ones who really make money are the responsible of these sites. Finally, they have a big business (but doubtful) about Internet.

-          Later some of them will offer to sell you the real key to make money for a higher sum ($200 or more): a copy of the website they have. They will show you that they have made money and you can make it as well looking for your own clients. In other words, a “pyramid” is made where the first ones who joined the “business” will earn money, which will come from the ones who started the game and the innocent ones who paid for curiosity.  

-          As a “guarantee” signal and in order to win the public confidence, many “companies” offer a 100% Money Back GUARANTEE, if you are not satisfied with the “product”.  But few people claim for their money, given that the time explanations should take, the language and the expenses which will be more than the sum of the money sent.

-          Most of the websites offering works in Internet at home are directed to “mothers”, who due to their family care are at home and have free time during the day.

-          Psychological tactics used by these Internet sites are well planned with a good persuasion power. Words are carefully selected in order that the message fits to the needs, feelings and expectations of the reader (easy work, independent, money, comfortable, safe, etc.) They use marketing and advertising techniques with an effective tested power (like how to prevent pain, have stability, pleasure, security, etc.).


In general terms, “easy” business opportunities and “working in Internet at home” which are offered by many “companies” in USA ARE NOT REALIABLE NOR SAFE. To know about this kind of offers can avoid you a waste of money and time. There are all kinds of “COMPANIES” in Internet which will try to take advantage of the public, especially those who are in need of an occupation or work to afford fixed expenses of his family in Canada.


We believe (as well as many experts) that the real opportunities to make money in Internet “for people who are interested in finding a work at home employment opportunity.... or starting an Online Home Based Business” are rare. Maybe as rare as making money playing with the savings in a casino.


There are some activities, specialized work and services that would mean an income using this via. Many persons, who have earned incomes in Internet and create a way of working in the net, took advantage of their professional training and dedication. Examples of these works are: phone surveys, photos edition, photos (for websites, car sellings, houses, etc.), websites design, translation of texts in different languages, correction of texts and other freelance services.


There are other kinds of jobs that give work and earnings via Internet to experienced people who know the market. Most of them have achieved it with training and after several rehearsals and mistakes. However, in order to afford themselves and be profitable they demand a great dedication (at least at the beginning) and a deep knowledge of aspects such as Internet (tools, websites), marketing, software, design programs, markets, commercial transactions, advertisements, etc. Examples of these activities are virtual stores of different merchandises, on-line stores, shops in e-bay, real states and similar others.




  1. Be careful with those Internet sites offering all kinds of business opportunities and works on-line, and in order to pay you they also request the number of your credit card. In Internet paying with Visa or other credit card can be an unnecessary risk. A recommendable way and with less risk to pay via Internet in USA is to use methods like PAYPAL, 2CO and other similar systems. 


  1. If you decide to register and send personal information to participate in rewarded interviews, surveys, work sites via Internet, it is NOT ADVISABLE for you to use your main personal e-mail. It is probably that too much publicity and not useful material would be sent to you, so that reading and selecting them would take much time. In this case create a new e-mail.





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