In Canada and USA, every time a resume is sent, it is attached to a cover letter, with the aim to introduce yourself to the possible employer, show him /her your personal interest for the position, and explain in short the main reasons why you should be taken as a candidate  .


A COVER LETTER must contain the proper words for every position and should be written in a different way according to the needs of every post.




These are the parts a good cover letter should have:


1.      Personal Information

 Name, address, telephone, and e-mail.


2.   Details

Date, name of the company, name of the addressee, and his /her position. If you don’t know his name, send it to the manager of the area of your interest, or to the Human Resources Manager of the company.


3.     Aim or Reference:

Write here the position you apply for. Write the number or reference code if any.


4.     Paragraph 1- Why you are writing to him /her

Name of addressee, where you learnt about the job position available and your offer in this regard.


5.     Paragraph 2- What you have to offer

Tell about your abilities, technical skills, education and experience for which you think you are the prefect candidate for the post available or probable in the company. Make a short description of your experience and you best characteristics related to the vacant post.


6.     Paragraph 3- Supplementary Information

Provide the possible employer with additional information to reinforce your job image and profile. (Use an additional paragraph if necessary)


7.  Paragraph 4- Ask for an interview

End the letter with a paragraph stating that you are very interested in the position and ask to be contacted for an interview. Thank for the time devoted to read your resume.


8. Your name and Signature. 






250 Cassandra Blvd, Apt. 432.      North York, ON M3A 1V1

Telephone (416) 222 3344         E-Mail:

DATE:         02 April 2007

TO:              APPLE FOOD EQUIPMENT Inc.

Attn.           Vice-President – Manufacturing Division

                   Mississauga, On.


SUBJECT:  Product Engineer                             




With reference to your advertisement in JOBSHARK.COM, I would like to offer myself for this position. I am sending you herewith also my resume with all details related to my education and working experience.


I have a background working in design of electric appliances, in CAD environments. I worked 8 years as Product  Engineer in Group SEB Colombia, a global company manufacturer of domestic appliances in design and development of new product from the initial concept to the finished product. I was responsible for the design of products, prototypes, testing design, engineering CAD drawings, material specifications, dimensional accuracy, tolerances, GD&T, correct drafting procedures, bill of materials, technical specifications of components (switches, cords, heat elements, thermostats, wires, motors, bushings, gears, etc) and implementation of appropriates manufacturing processes.


I have an excellent knowledge of sheet metal forming and cutting, stamping, welding equipment and practices, engineering plastics materials, moulded injection processes, and metal machining parts. On the other hand, I also have a very good knowledge and experience working QC metrology instruments, laboratory and testing equipment.


For my part I wish to put my skills and experience to work for the benefit of your company. I would like very much to talk with you about the position. Thanks for taking the time to consider my application. I hope to hear from you soon.






Sergio Martínez





A cover letter is another way of introducing yourself to a possible employer. What you say and your layout may be the difference between having an opportunity or losing it. For that reason have into account the following aspects:


i Personal information. It is advisable to start the resume heading with your name, telephone number and e-mail. Never write the words “COVER LETTER.”


i Addressee. Every cover letter is addressed to a specific person, using the correct name and position. Pay special attention to write every word correctly. If you don’t know how to spell them, send it to the Human Resources Manager or to the manager of your area of interest.


i Length: No longer then a letter-size sheet of paper. Busy people won’t read long letters from somebody who they don’t know.


i Spelling: Check spelling and grammar mistakes thoroughly. If you have doubts, just ask for help.


iWriting style: Always use a simple writing style. Choose every word carefully. Introduce your self in a self-assured simple way, not in  an affected manner.


i Original. Every cover letter must be written individually, personalising it according to every particular case. Never send one of those model cover letters.


i Key Words: When you describe your skills and experience, try to use the same terms that appear in the advertisement for the job.


i Presentation: It must have a nice layout, as the appearance of a resume is also important. Choose a good font type, impeccable white paper, and a quality printer. Never send photocopies.


i Don’t include photographs (unless you are applying to be a model or an actor /actress)


i Signature . Don’t forget to sign both your cover letter and resume.


Also keep a copy of every cover letter and resume you send. They will be necessary to prepare the interview in case you are called.




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